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Here’s everything that happened today.

The broadcast premiere of Doctor Who Series 7 was announced in the UK to be Saturday, September 1 at 7:20p:

Followed by an announcement by BBC America stating a start date of Saturday, September 1 at 9/8c:

The Canadian broadcast premiere was also revealed to be September 1, 2012 at 9p ET on SPACE.

The Australian premiere will on September 8th at 7:30p on ABC1. Australia also gets a repeat airdate Tuesdays at 9:30p on ABC2.

The BBC America Tumblr made the announcement via a gif:

The first trailer with the new airdate went up on the BBC America YouTube channel:

The UK announced a 5-part Doctor Who prequel focusing on the life of The Ponds to debut Monday, August 27th. It is titled “Pond Life”.

We have yet to recover.

The UK also posted a video of Karen and Arthur setting up Pond Life. The also seem to have an idea for a theme song.

And lastly, for those in the NYC area, BBC America is giving away tickets to the Saturday US premiere screening of Doctor Who Series 7: Asylum of the Daleks. Click through to enter. The screening is to be followed immediately by a Q&A with Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, and Executive Producer Caro Skinner.

So that’s it. If you take nothing else away from this post let it be that the premiere of Doctor Who Series 7 IS LESS THAN TWO WEEKS AWAY!!!

We’ll have more news in the coming days so be sure to follow the Doctor Who Tumblr — YOU WILL DASH IT ON YOUR LOVEBOARD!!!


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Doctor Who mention in iCarly



Dump her.  Now.  She has no chance.

It was over by the third panel.


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Text 3 Jul I hate loving in a place

Where some people don’t understand that some people (as much as they would like to) will never have $18 to spend on a movie.

Text 6 Jun 1 note I want to do things I can’t do here

I want go to college and just be independent. Not be stuck in this “perfect” little town forever.

Text 30 May I want to march Drum Core

And now my friends might do it without me. I feel like this not talking as much thing is not working to my advantage…

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In the end, everyone grows up. Except for one,

I have the puppy lady :)

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You’ve got me.

doctor who meme
↳ 9 scenes (9/9)→ The Doctor’s Wife 


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Matt on a green screen.

This is why he’s my favorite

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Companions, as associated with literary/fairytale characters

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